In addition to providing the lovely residents of Tulsa some of the best residential roofing services around, we have also been giving those same amazing services to business owners as well. Our commercial roofers have worked with some of the biggest names in the business and have mastered their craft by working on buildings as large and as small as they come.

There are many different training modules and online resources that you can see for yourself, but if you aren’t feeling confident then you have come to the right place.


If you are in need of an entire new roofing system for your building then let us come out and give you a free estimate on all of the options we have here at Danny B. Roofing. Whether you are looking for TPO, flat roof, or a sloped roofing system, we have the inventory and the man-power to make it happen.

The roof on your building should represent the hard work that you and your business have done over the years and no corners should be cut during the process. Our team of roofers have seen them all and have a system in place to work faster and harder than our competition. Other roofing companies might trick you into believing their methods are proven but we have the portfolio to prove it.

Many of our services come with life-long guarantees so if by the off chance something does happen to a roof that we install, you will be completely covered and not held liable for any potential damages in the future.


For those business owners out there who don’t need a whole system replaced but would like some work done on their current roof, don’t worry because we got that covered too. Just like our residential repair services, we have the products on hand to match any current roof you may have installed. This includes flat roofs, rounded roofs with shingles, or sloped.

Repairing a commercial roof can be much more difficult to manage than a residential home and that makes it all more important to only hire commercial roofing contractors with the years of experience that we have to tackle such large projects.

Similarly to our re-roofing services, many of our repair options come with warranties that will guarantee you protection for up to a lifetime! This means that if you hire us for the job and you need to call us back for a job we did, it will be on the house.

We are that confident in the work we provide.